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Trip to Sacramento October 2015

Alan Casline and Jennifer Pearce went on a trip across North America to visit their son Tom who now lives in Sacramento. Stops were (in order) to Glacier National Park, Seattle, Lake Tahoe and Big Sur. Here are some of the photos.

First from Glacier.  Large Lake is Lake McDonald.

next higher in the Mountains to Logan Pass

More Glacier on hiking trail

On to Seattle

On to Lake Tahoe and get together with son Tom Casline ( who was our guide of the region)

One of the best day's ever...Our tour of Big Sur.

Some of my friends convinced me that most people could not look at hundreds of vacation photos so I took their advise and posted these few. So many good shots left unshared maybe I'll try some more in a different medium.

                  ----- Alan Casline (who took these photos)

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I have been researching on Tom Tryniski's since I  learned of its existence. a few days ago. Here are some articles I put together for our Family History

                                                                        Amsterdam Evening Recorder January 28, 1966
The Youth Fellowship of
Grace Methodist Church visited
the computer offices of Mohasco
Industries in Amsterdam on
Wednesday. " Clarence Mosher,
YF counselor, discussed the
workings of the IBM machines
and the computer and each of
the group was given the opportunity to work an IBM machine
and make a tab card.
Attending were Emily Hatch,
Mark Snyder, Elizabeth Krahmer, Janice Overrocker, Roger
Snyder, Robert Lindsay, Susan
Krahmer, Allan Casline, Lorilee
Rinehimer, Debra Hopkins, Fred
Overrocker Jr.. Rick Coates, Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Mosher, and
the Rev. Clarence Winchell

I remember this visit. Computers that took up whole rooms and data punch cards. Georgianna Casline did punch card  work for a short period of time after Supermarket Check-Out and before she returned to Montgomery County Trust Company as a teller. I think this might have been the same company as the one she worked for.

                                                                         Amsterdam Evening Recorder October 16, 1926
Mrs. Fred Overrocker.
Pearl Cole, wife of Fred Overrocker, died at her home on Ireland Avenue, Fort Johnson, at 7:30 o'clock
Friday evening of a complication of diseases. Although Mrs. Overrocker
had been in poor health for about a year the decline did not become
serious until two months ago. She was a member of the Grace M. E.
church of Fort Johnson, being a regular attendant at the church services when her health permitted, and
was active in church circles. She was a loving wife and mother and
a kind and thoughtful neighbor, and her death will be mourned by a large
circle of friends. Surviving are her husband, two children, Fred and
Georgianna: her father, Albert Cole, of Fort Johnson: two brothers, Willard and Charles Cole, and four sisters, Mrs. Leo Winkel and Mrs. Thomas Meznak of this city and  Mrs.Edward Jashaway and Miss Mary Cole of Fort Johnson.

Here are the names of Pearl Cole’s family. Would be my great uncles and aunts. Wonder what happened to them?

                                                                          Amsterdam Evening Recorder May 14, 1914

Shower for Miss Overrocker.,
The Misses Mamie and Sadie Overrocker gave a variety shower Tuesday
evening at the home of Mrs. R. Waldvogel at Fort Johnson, in honor of
their sister, Miss Hazel Overrocker, whose marriage to Eber Yell will take
place ln the near future. The house was prettily decorated, the color
scheme being pink and green. Pink carnations were profusely used. The
evening was pleasantly spent with games and music. At midnight a bountiful repast was enjoyed. A mock marriage was celebrated in which Miss Martha Slottka acted as bride and  Mrs. Lee Burnham as bridegroom, and
Miss Amelia Martin performed the ceremony. Miss Overrocker received many beautiful presents including cut
glass, silver, china, linen and other useful articles. Those present were
the Misses Mary. Sadie and Hazel Overrocker, Elizabeth and Jessie McLaren. Eva Yell. Helen Waldvogel.
Mary Whalen. Martha Sjottka. Amelia Martin and Marlon Stangle; Mrs. R. Waldvogel, Mrs David Whalen,Jr., Mrs J. Yell, Mrs Fred Yell, Mrs Fred Sager. Mrs. Bernard Quinn. Mrs. A. Fields. MrB. William Stearns. Jr.. Mrs.
Leonard Gardinier. Mrs. John Schmoll and Masters Harold Gardinier and Richard Waldvogel.

Here are names of Grandpa (to me) Overrocker’s sisters.

AKIN.                                                                                                         June 1, 1908 Amsterdam Evening Recorder
Silver Medal W. C. T. U. Contest
Marshall's Store Again Visited by Burglars.

June 1.—Oscar Greene left last week for Schuylerville,where he has opened
a meat and fish market
Albert Lingenfelter of West Albany was a visitor at this place last Wednesday.
James E. Marshall's store was broken open last Tuesday evening, but
nothing of any account was taken. This is the second time within a few
months that burglars have entered this place of business. The first time
they secured $75 in cash. A silver medal speaking contest will
be held in Grace M. E. church parlor Tuesday evening. June 2d. under the
auspices of the Ys, a branch of the W. C. T. U. The following young ladies
will participate: Addle Greene, Zehra Gage, Lizzie Foltz, Ethel Jones
Hazel Overrocker, Ethel Benton. Ethel Parr and Edith McDougall. Admission
15 cents. After the contest Ice cream and cake will be served for 10 cents

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Rivenburg passed Saturday and Sunday with
friends at Johnstown.

Landlord Devenpeck of the Groat Hotel is making many improvements
to his already well equipped hostelry. Several rooms have been added for
summer boarders, also wash and bathrooms, as well as summer garden,
which is unique in effect, and with the many other improvements Akin
can boast of a first-class place for pleasure seekers.

Fred Overrocker, one of the Akin baseball team, had a sad mishap while
sliding for a base at Tribes Hill last Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence B. Marshall passed Sunday with Mrs. Marshall’s
parents at Palatine.

Mrs. Arthur Lepper is Ill. Dr.Conant of Amsterdam is the attending  physician.  

Floyd Casler, who had his hand caught in the cards at S. Sanford & Sons
Mill at Amsterdam, last Wednesdayis getting along nicely at St. Mary's hospital.

This caught my eye because of the mention of Fred Overrocker and his “sad mishap” but sparse details. I tried to find a photo of the Groat Hotel without any luck. I did find articles that showed the name is right and it did exist as did Mr. Devenpeck. Nice name dude!

CLAIMS AGAINST THE STATE.                                           Utica Herald-Dispatch Thursday 12, 1903
Fred Overrocker of Yorkville Wants
$445 for Damages to Land.
(Special to the HERALD-DISPATCH.)
Albany  Nov. 12.—A claim of  $445
Was filed today against the State by
Fred Overrocker of Yorkville, Oneida
County, for damages to land caused by
canal overflow.
                                    H. W. S.

ANNOYED SALVATIONISTS                     The Utica Observer, July 24, (1895?)

A Case in Yorkville That Resulted in Fines for Two

Several member of the Salvation Army have been stationed, at Yorkville
for some weeks and the meeting's held by them have caused more or less attention.
Some of the people in that village think the meetings do more harm then
good, as they furnish an excuse for toughs and gay young .people to touch
elbows. Be that as It may, It has no bearing on the incident to be told at
present. Fred Overrocker has been appointed one of the Deputy Sheriffs
to preserve order at the meetings, his authority extends to there only, but he is
a fully accredited officer at the place where the meetings are held. Sunday
evening he ejected John Evans from the meeting, because Evans was creating a
disturbance. Last evening young Evans and his father, Evan Evans, caught
Overrocker down town and proceeded to give him a whipping. They knocked out
one of his teeth and. otherwise bruised him before a stop was put to the trouble.
This morning the twain were arraigned before Justice of the Peace Ackroyd,
who imposed a fine of  $5 on each.

These two articles are interesting in that they show Fred Overrocker owning property and living for a number of years in Yorkville, New York (near Utica). It is right near New York Mills which was a textile manufacturing city at the time.Fred Overrocker worked in the textile mills in Amsterdam, New York later so maybe that is why he was living in Yorkville. Maybe we are related to the Overrocker’s from the Utica area that appear when you research the name.

Casliner—Overrocker                                              Evening Recorder, Amsterdam, N.Y.  August 13, 1947\

In a double ring ceremony at St. Mary's rectory Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, Miss Georgiana Overrocker, daughter of Frederick Overrocker, Fort Johnson, was married to Louis Casline, son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis F. Casline, 26 Garfield" Place. The Rev. Frank J Gilchrist officiated. The bride wore a brown satin dress with brown accessories and carried a colonial bouquet. Her attendants-Miss June Gage, Fort Johnson, was dressed in blue with
brown accessories and also carried a colonial bouquet. Following a reception at the home of the bridegroom's parents, the couple left on a motor trip to Cape Cod. The bride wore a blue dress with white accessories for
traveling. Mrs. Casline was graduated from the Wilbur H. Lynch High School and Amsterdam School of
Commerce and is employed by the Montgomery County Trust Company. Mr. Casline, also a graduate of the Wilbur H. Lynch High School, is with the General Electric Company in Schenectady

My Mom’s Wedding in a brown satin dress.

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On Frederick Overrocker, Sr.'s Siblings and Some Reconciliations

From  Amsterdam Recorder, January 24, 1949.


Miss Sadie Overrocker
Miss Sadie Overrocker died Sunday night at the Willisonian Convalescent
Home, Fultonville. where she had been a patient since June.
Miss Overrocker was  born in Cohoes April 24. 1878,
but had always lived in this vicinity and was
a member of Grace Methodist Church of Fort Johnson.
Her kind and generous nature attracted a wide circle of friends and she was
held In warm regard by all who knew her. Surviving are one brother,
Frederick Overrocker, Fort Johnson; two sisters. Miss Mary Overrocker,
Willard, N. Y., and Mrs. Eber Yell, Amsterdam; one nephew,
 Frederick Overrocker Jr.. and a niece, Mrs, Lewis Casline, Fort Johnson

This would say my grandfather Fred Overrocker, Sr. had at least three sisters…Mary, Sadie and  Mrs. Eber Yell.  The wife of Eber Yell was Hazel Overrocker and Mary also went by Mamie Overrocker). We went to Grace Methodist Church in Fort Johnson up to time it closed/merged with larger Church in Amsterdam, N.Y. I interviewed Eber Yell in the 1980’s

My first post on this blog (Casline Family Blog-Alan’s Version) was on a relative, James Reilly. He was a family “black sheep” but also a “swashbuckler”. He took a second wife while living in Nevada without divorcing the first and was shot and killed in a gunfight. The first post accounts this and other information. I had always thought his connection was as a distant uncle or cousin. After re-reading Ruth Clark’s genealogy, I find the connection much closer. James Reilly was my Great Grandfather. There is family information on James in the articles written about him that differs somewhat from Ruth Clark’s. The U.S. Government did an investigation to see if James’ Civil War Pension should go to his second wife, Elizabeth Doyle. Here are some dates from that investigation.
James Reilly   born March 18, 1839……………………..Ruth Clark had “born 1828”
                       ‘murdered” March 18, 1886
Jame Reilly’s father John Reilly  born 1811 in Ireland….Ruth Clark had born 1800
  James Reilly’s mother Mary    born 1816 in Ireland……Ruth Clark had born 1805
John reilly immigrated to New York 1839-1840………….Ruth Clark had left for America 1937
Joh Reilly’s son John was born 1840……………………..Ruth Clark had born 1828

Great Grandfather married Mary Soper on November 24, 1855 in Perth, N.Y….Ruth Clark wrote he married the Mohawk, Mary Young. Ruth Clark said they had three children and the other account says there were four children  Mary E. Soper Reilly is identified as giving a deposition as Mary Kline of Akin, Montgomery Co.. “Kline” is German for “Young” and Akin is the early names for Fort Johnson—so this adds up. Her family name seems to be Soper. Mary Kline is given the age of sixty-three in 1902, so was born 1839 or 1840. I had been told there was a familyconnection to the Kline/Young Family of early settlers Palatine Dutch in the Mohawk Valley.
Catherine Reilly Cassidy (Ruth Clark’s Grandmother) is identified as being four years younger than James, so would have birthday 1843 (same as Ruth Clark’s date of birth)

I think we are talking about the same people. Hard to say whose Birthday’s are correct. I lean to the U.S. Government investigation dates.  Shouldn’t be too hard to find out with a little looking.

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My family archive is not at all organized just like my ROOTDRINKER archive but I have one box that has collected various stuff that I think of as family history. I have just a family breakdown done by Ruth Clark for my mom, which she later gave to me. This traces the Overrockers back to County Meath Ireland and to America in 1837 by John Reilly (1800-1890). I would scan it but I think might be better to put in a typed form and post on my Casline Family Blog.

by Ruth Clark to Georgianna Casline (Overrocker). Add one generation for Alan Casline, Janis Overrocker, Jamie Casline, Jeff Casline, Fred G. Overrocker III

---page one
Georgie your family History      
Georgiann, this is your great Grandfather and grandmother on your mother’s side.
John Reilly --  Mary O’Brien
1800-1890         1805-1908

Born in County Meath Ireland.
They lived on a farm in County Meath.
They had five children born in Ireland
John Reilly now left Ireland in 1837 for America.
His family stayed in Ireland until he was settled in the New World.
They came in 1840.
His Childrens Names were

Your Grandfather   James Reilly-      Born 1828 – Meath Ireland
                                John Reilly-        Born 1829 – Meath Ireland
                                Rachael Reilly – Born 1832 – Meath Ireland
                                Susan Reilly --    Born 1833 – Meath Ireland
                                George Reilly –   Born 1834 – Meath Ireland
John Reilly arrived in New York at Castle Garden and was sent up the Hudson River to Port Jackson, N.Y..
Port Jackson was where Amsterdam was first settled and all my people lived in Port Jackson until 1856 when Amsterdam was settled on the other side of River.

--page two
My Great Grandfather John Reilly and Great Grandmother Mary O’Brien Reilly had two more children in America

Garret Reilly &
Catherine Reilly (My grandmother)             Ruth Clark’s grandmother
The Reilly that I am talking about now, are my Mother’s Reillys. Georgiann these are all your Reillys also.
Now I have Reilys on my Father’s side who are no relation to the Reillys on my Mother side. They came from the West Coast of Ireland.

James Reilly born 1828
Mary Young his wife – had three children (Florence Reilly, Georgiann Reilly, Walt Reilly)

John Reilly born 1829
Mary Zeiser – His wife had two children (Annie Reilly, George Reilly)

Rachel Reilly born 1832
Ned McClary her husband
Had four children. Lived in Cohoes, N.Y.

-page three
Susan Reilly born 1833
 Died during Civil War. Never married.

George Reilly born 1832
Married and went to Grand Rapids, Michigan to live. Had a large family.

Garret Reilly born 1841 - Switzer Hill
Catherine Reilly born 1843- Switzer Hill         

Switzer Hill is a local address, I believe, within Amsterdam, N.Y.

Garret Reilly – Married a girl in Schenectady (N.Y.) and went there to live.
  Had a large family.

Catherine Reilly My (Ruth Clark’s) Grandmother
Patrick Cassidy Her husband.
They had Mary Cassidy, Annie Cassidy, Elizabeth Cassidy, 
                  Laura Cassidy, Patrick Cassidy

--page four
Children of James Reilly & Mary Young

Florence Reilly
Dave Whalen her husband

Georgianna Reilly married Fred Overrocker

Walt Reilly never married

Florence Reilly & Dave Whalen
children Elizabeth Whalen and David Whalen

Georgianna and Fred Overrocker had two children 
Georgiann Overrocker and Fred Overrocker 

Elizabeth Whale married Oscar Clark
David Whalen married Anna Wolf

Elizabeth & Oscar Clark had four children. 
Ruth, Florence, George, Warren Clark

Georgiann Overrocker + Married 2 children

Fred Overrocker = ? Georgianna Overrocker             

What this note means I do not know. I don’t think my mother’s     
mother was Georgiana Reilly.. It was Pearl Cole. There are      
multiple generations of Fred & Georgiann. My Great 
Grandmother Reilly is who I mention when I tell my Irish     
friends I am Irish too. Seems Fred Overrocker son of
Georgianna Reillyand Fred Overrocker is my Grandfather
Fred Overrocker who married Pearl Cole and had my mother
Georgianna and Fred Overrocker. Who was Fred G.
 Overrocker II and his son Fred G. Overrocker III. I had the      
 conversation with my mother that the reason my cousin Fred
(Rocky) was not  Fred G. Overrocker  IV was because the first
 did not share the same middle name

--page five
My mother married Peter Riley (my Fathers Rileys)
We always lived in New York. We had five boys and myself.

Georgia I married Bill Dufresne. He lived in Fort Johnson. 
He had nine children who are all living. 
I now have 42 grand children & 54 great grandchildren.
Here is how we are related to you people

—page six
Here is how we are related to you people

John Reilly – Mary O’Brien     John Reilly & Mary O’Brien 
                                                      my Great Great Great Grandparents
   James Reilly – Mary Young  James Reilly & Mary Young
                                                       my Great Great Grandparents                      
   John Reilly – Mary Zieser
   Rachael Reilly
   Susan Reilly (died)
   Garret Reilly       first generation Irish in America 1835
   Catherine Reilly  first generation Irish in America 1835

James Reilly – Mary Young (Indian Mohawk)
     Florence Reilly – David Whalen
     Georgianna Reilly – Fred Overrrocker   Georgianna Reilly & Fred Overrocker 
                                                                           my Great Grandparents
     Walter Reilly never married

John Reilly – Mary Zieser (German)
      Annie Reilly
      George Reilly

Rachael Reilly – Ned McClary
      (Had four children) lived in New York City

Susan Reilly  Died during Civil War

--page seven
Garret Reilly – married?
Had a big family lived in Schenectady,  (N.Y.)

Catherine Reilly – Pat Cassidy
       Mary Cassidy – Will Faulds
       Ann Cassidy – James Swan
       Elizabeth Cassidy – Peter Riley  Married 1896  Mother died 1957, Father died 1939   
                                                                                        (Ruth Clark’s)
       Laura Cassidy – Addison Clohasey
       Pat Cassidy – Gen Thayer
        Rachael Cassidy – Bill Briley

Georgia this brings the relations down to my times.
I was born 1905 –
All the rest of my family are dead. (My mother & father & five boys.)

Georgia let someone go to the Old Court House in Fonda (N.Y.). 
Ask to see when John Reilly from County Meath Ireland came to 
this country & what ship he came on.
You can find a lot about them at Fonda

Some information which must be incorrect is since Bessie Overrocker, Mary Overrocker 
and Hazel Overrocker are all identified as sisters of my grandfather  
Fred Overrocker (who was my mother’s father)  then Georgianna Reill y and Fred Overocker 
must have had more than two children or “the Aunts” must be differently related?

This the document  by Ruth Clark in its entirely. I cannot date it except to think 
it was written in the 1970s. I interviewed Ruth Clark for a Rootdrinker article
 that appeared in 1979
                                                                                                           -- Alan Casline   3/2/2013

Although my family archives are not at all in order at least I did do a bit of research 
(before it is too late) In the same plastic sandwich bag as the hand written note from 
Ruth Clark I have a genealogy I did with my Mom, Georgianna Casline. 
(Notice for Ruth Clark it is “Georgiann”)

                                                                                           John Reilly (civil war)
            Albert Cole – Ada Getman      Fred Overrocker—Georgianna Reilly                 
                                *                                                       *                                                     
                                *                                                       *                                                     
                                *                                                       *                                                      
                                *                                                       *                                                     
                            Pearl Cole ---------------------------Fred Overrocker, Sr. 
                                                   Children  Fred Jr. & Georgianna

at the same time also did genealogy starting with Aunt Flo

                                                             ? – Flo Whelan (Aunt Flo)
    Children of Aunt Flo David Whelan  & Lizzy Whelan Clark—married Oscar Clark (Pop Clark)
                                                                                          Children Ruth, Warren (hit by train) Florence, George