Saturday, October 31, 2015

Trip to Sacramento October 2015

Alan Casline and Jennifer Pearce went on a trip across North America to visit their son Tom who now lives in Sacramento. Stops were (in order) to Glacier National Park, Seattle, Lake Tahoe and Big Sur. Here are some of the photos.

First from Glacier.  Large Lake is Lake McDonald.

next higher in the Mountains to Logan Pass

More Glacier on hiking trail

On to Seattle

On to Lake Tahoe and get together with son Tom Casline ( who was our guide of the region)

One of the best day's ever...Our tour of Big Sur.

Some of my friends convinced me that most people could not look at hundreds of vacation photos so I took their advise and posted these few. So many good shots left unshared maybe I'll try some more in a different medium.

                  ----- Alan Casline (who took these photos)

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